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Baby ABCs

A - Adorable, Anticipation, Awaiting the Arrival
B - Birth Day, Bathtime, Baby's Born, Birth Announcement
C - Cute as a Button, Congratulations, Christening
D - Daddy, Diaper Duty, Doctor's Data (vital statistics)
E - Events (news of the day), Everyone's here
F - Family Ties, First Day, First Picture
G - Glad you're here, Gifts
H - Happy and Healthy, Home at last, Heaven sent, Handle with care
I -
J - Just arrived, Joy and Laughter, Just like...(mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, etc.)
K -
L - Little beauty, Little angel
M - Mommy
N - 
O - Our Family, On the day you were born
P - Proud parents/grandparents
Q -'s sleeping
R - 
S - So Sweet, Straight from heaven
T - Toys, Ten tiny toes
U - Ultrasound
V - Visits from friends
W - What a blessing, Welcome to the world
X - X-tra Special
Y -
Z - Zzzz (Lullaby and goodnight)  

Easter ABCs

A is for April, the heart of the Spring.
B is for bunnies and the Baskets they bring.
C is for Cart, with eggs piled upon it.
D is for Daisies we pick for our bonnets.
E is for Eggs, with a bright color.
F is for Family, sister and brother.
G is for Garden, hiding a treat.
H is for Hopping on quick bunny feet.
I for Indoors, after egg-hunting ends.
J for the Joy we share with our friends.
K is for Kindness that makes the day bright.
L is for Lilies, lovely and white.
M is for Music we gather to play.
N is for Nest, filled with eggs the birds lay.
O for Outdoors, where we hunt by the hours.
P for the Puddles that follow a shower.
Q is for Quiet in the soft morning light.
R is for Rabbit, dressed up just right.
S is for Spring, when the world is in bloom.
T us for Tulips we place in each room.
U for Umbrella in sunshine or rain.
V is for Violets found in the lane.
W is for Water where rabbits are gliding.
X marks the spot where the eggs are hiding.
Y is for Young ones, happy at play.
Z is for Zeal as we greet Easter Day.

(by Nora Tarlow)