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Artistic Concepts
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In the art world, there are several different concepts that shape how art is created and viewed.  Following are several of those concepts that can also be applied to your scrapbook pages.

Color--This is probably one of the most obvious art concepts that can be applied to scrapbooking and chances are that you've already done quite a bit of color manipulation.  Color can relay a feeling about a certain event, colors of the season, or colors that are emphasized in the focus of your photos.  One of the best ways to make your photos pop off the page, is to repeat a color found in the photos in your layout design.  For more information see color schemes.

Shape--This is another important concept that we may or may not pay much attention to.  Shape refers not only to the shape of your photos, but also to the shape in which your photo are arranged on the page.  You may also see a shape in the way the subjects of your photo are arranged inside the picture itself.  All of the things can help to provide inspiration to your layouts.

Line--This concept can be closely related to shape regarding your scrapbook pages.  The "line" of your layout helps to guide your eye when viewing the page.  Your best photo should be the focus of your page.   This will probably be the first thing to catch the eye of the viewer of your page.  From that photo, you will want to create a "line" that guides the viewers eyes around your page.  This can be accomplished in many ways.  But, it is important to remember that the focus of your layout should always be your photos.  You will never want to choose background paper that either competes with your photos or overwhelms them.  In the same way, your decorations should be chose to complement your photos and not distract from them.  It is always tempting to get caught up in the decoration with some many cute products available these days.  But if you start with your pictures and work from them, you will most likely end up with a more pleasing page.

Contrast--This can be a very effective concept to put to use on your scrapbook page.  The contrast of light and dark,  or opposite colors on the color wheel can provide some great results.  Again, start by looking at your pictures and determine how to best showcase them.