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Albums make great gifts for a lot of different special occasions.  By decorating the pages and leaving spaces for photos, the recipient of the album can add their own photos to this special personalized gift.  Or you may want to have friends and family contribute pictures and memories to complete an album for someone for a special occasion.

5 X 7 Albums work particularly well for gift albums because, they don't take a lot of time to decorate.  Also, their size make them particularly suitable for theme albums.

Here are some themes or events for which you may consider creating a gift album:

Baby--Since new mothers often can't find the time for scrapbooking, pre-decorated pages are a great gift idea.
Birthday--Have everyone at the party sign it!
Graduation--Include pictures from each of their school years from Kindergarten on up if possible.
Mommy's/Grandma's Brag Book
--Decorate around photo sleeves that are adhered to your page with general themes so that pictures can be changed as the children grow.
ABC Album--This kind of album is great for preschool-aged children who are learning the alphabet.  Use pictures, stickers, and die-cuts which fit each letter's page.
--Using a line from the poem on each page and "illustrating"
it with photos makes a very unique and sentimental gift.
Welcome to Our Family Album--I heard of this idea and thought it was great!  For a wedding shower gift, one woman made a "Welcome to our Family" album for her future daughter-in-law.  The album included pictures of the groom growing up, and pictures of family members with cute little sayings and messages.  The final page was a letter from the groom's parents saying "Thank you for being a part of our life.  We wish you lots of happiness and offer our love and support."
Teacher Album--Albums make great "thank you" gifts for teachers.