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Doing page titles and journaling in your own handwriting makes your scrapbooks unique and special.  Historical societies look at handwriting as having great historical significance, so including yours (at least some of the time) should be your goal.

Still, some of you are very self-conscious about your handwriting and would rather not journal at all because of it.  If this is the situation, then you are missing out on the whole purpose of scrapbooking, which is creating a story book of your life and the lives of your family members.  For this reason, I am including some links to websites where you will find tons of fonts able to be downloaded and used on your computer.

Use your word processing program to create your titles and journaling blocks and then print them out on your acid-free scrapbooking paper.  To ensure that the ink will remain fade-proof and water-proof, you may want to trace over the fonts with one of your scrapbooking pens when you're finished.  For an added touch, cut out around what you've printed with decorative scissors, use templates to create shapes, or just mount them on a corresponding color of paper.

Directions on how to download and install fonts are usually included on the website offering the fonts.

Fonts for Kids--Lots of cute fonts here and they're all free!

One Scrappy Site--This site includes a bunch of great fonts (all free)  that are searchable by the beginning letter of the font title or by theme.  It even includes layouts using some of the fonts.  In addition, this site has its own links to other font sites.

Font Face--I found lots of cute fonts here that I haven't seen anywhere else.  Everything is free!

Lettering Delights--Most fonts will cost you $2.00 to download, but you can download some free fonts by subscribing to their free online newsletter.  One nice feature of the site are that you can search fonts by subject.  They also have a service called "Personal Pen" where they will convert your own handwriting into a font.