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In Christmas Albums

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If you have a special albums for just Christmas photos, there are several ways you can make your album even more memorable with journaling.  If you don't have a Christmas album, you may want to include some of these things in your Christmas pages.


Many families have very special traditions for the Christmas holidays.  Taking some extra time to journal about these traditions can add a lot to your album.  Include some or all of the following:

bulletWhere does your holiday celebration take place?
bulletWho is involved in your holiday celebration?
bulletWhat type of food is served?  Does mom/grandma make a special dish that everyone looks forward to having?
bulletAre gifts given?
bulletDo you bake Christmas cookies?  What kind?
bulletDoes your celebrating include visits to several different family members?
bulletWhat gifts did you give/receive?
bulletDoes your holiday include a church service?
bulletWho wrote a letter to Santa?  What gifts did he/she ask for?
bulletWhat traditions surround the Christmas tree?  Do you get a special ornament each year?