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In Wedding Albums

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Along with all of the pictures that capture the special moments and people of your big day, journaling add a lot to a wedding album.  As years pass, you may not be able to recall some of the things that happened that day, so journaling in your wedding album can be especially important.  Of course you will want to include who is in the pictures in your album, but here are some other questions you may want to answer to add some interest:

bulletHow did the two of you meet?
bulletWho popped the question and how/where did it happen?
bulletHow long was your engagement?
bulletHow did your family's react to the news of your engagement?
bulletWho did you tell first?
bulletHow did you decide to get married on the day you did?
bulletHow did you choose the place for your wedding?
bulletWhat kind of day was it?
bulletWhat did you do the day of the wedding?
bulletWho were your attendants and how do you know them?
bulletWhat special songs were played during the wedding?
bulletWere there any special traditions that took place during the wedding or at the reception?
bulletWhere did you go on your honeymoon?
bulletHow did you decide on your honeymoon destination?

He Said, She Said
Sometimes it is interesting to include "He Said, She Said" pages in your wedding album.  This may be especially interesting if the two of you don't agree on exactly how things happened.  You may want to try this for the following:

bulletHow you met
bulletYour first date
bulletWho popped the question and how it happened
bulletWhen you first fell in love with each other
bulletWhen you first knew you wanted to marry the other person

Special Pages To Include In Your Album

bulletYou may want to include several pages of the two of you growing up, pictures of your courtship, and pictures from your engagement.
bulletIf you are able to plan ahead, you may want to use a few lined album pages as your guest book.  That way, you can include it as part of your album.
bulletYou may also want to use some lined pages to record your wedding gifts and the people who gave them to you.
bulletInclude a page with pictures and descriptions of your first home together.