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The first year of a child's life consists of so many changes and special events and a baby album is the perfect place to record them all with both photos and journaling.  Journaling is especially important in this type of album, but with all the diaper changing, feeding, and entertaining, who has the time?

You'd be surprised at how far a little time and a little advanced planning can go.  There are several things that you can do before the baby is even born.  Let's face it, there are a few months in there where you've done all you can do to prepare for the baby's arrival, and it seems like it's going to be forever before the blessed event occurs. 

Things You Can Do While You're Waiting

Create a Parents' Page
On this page include a picture of both of the baby's parents, and information about each of you including the following information:

bulletYour full names
bulletYour ages
bulletYour occupations
bulletYour hobbies
bulletYour favorites (books, TV shows, music, etc.)
bulletYour feelings about become a parent
bulletAnything else you think might be interested for your child to know about you at the time you became their parent

Write a Letter to Your Child
Now is a great time to write a letter to your child about your feelings, hopes, and dreams for them.  Tell them why you wanted to have a child or what you look forward to doing with them.  Let them know how much they were loved even before they were born.

Create a Page With Your Ultrasound Pictures
Having a first ultrasound is a very exciting time for many parents.  If you have ultrasound pictures taken, you may want to create a special page to remember this event.  With your pictures include some of the following information:

bulletWhen was the ultrasound done?  Where?
bulletWas the sex of the baby determined?
bulletDid you want to know the sex of the baby?  Why or why not?
bulletIf you found out the sex of the baby, did you tell anyone else?
bulletHow did you feel after the ultrasound was complete? 

Once your child is born...

Write about the labor and delivery
You don't have to include all the gory details, but you could include the following:

bulletHow did you know it was time?
bulletWho was with you when you realized it was time?
bulletWere you ready or were there some last minute things to do before going to the hospital?
bulletHow long was your labor?
bulletWhat did you do to pass the time in the early stages of the labor?
bulletWho was with you while you were going through the labor and delivery?
bulletWhat happened immediately following the baby's birth?
bulletWho does the baby look like?
bulletWho were the baby's first visitors?
bulletHow is the baby's sleeping pattern like?

Other things to include

bulletWhat was the baby's eye color, weight and length at birth?
bulletWhat funny faces and/or noises does he make?
bulletWhat was his first outfit?
bulletWhat time was he born?
bulletWhen did everyone come home from the hospital?  Was anyone waiting at home for you?

Include All-About-Me Pages
Periodically throughout your child's first year, include pages that tell all about them at their particular age.  This is a great way to incorporate "orphan" pictures, or those pictures where there aren't enough of a certain event to compose a whole layout.  Include the child's age, things they are doing at this stage in their development, their favorites, etc.

First Words
Around 18 months of age is usually a good time to do a "first words" page.  Here you can include all the words your child is saying, using pictures and stickers to illustrate.